Why Should Every Doll Collector Have a Bobblehead?

Doll Collector

You’re in a good company if you like to collect bobblehead dolls of any kind. Many famous celebrities and actors have a habit of collecting dolls and it may be because of many different reasons that they do so. Some collect vintage dolls because they have investment benefits and others just collect them because they like to. But that is not what we are going to discuss today. We are going to be discussing that why every doll collector should own a bobblehead and why is it important for them to do so.

You see with every doll that a doll collector owns their is a special story attached to it and the same goes for every bobblehead. People who collect dolls should be owning a bobblehead because they are just as fascinating as dolls and they carry a special story and intrinsic value to them. Some of the most beautiful decoration pieces are bobbleheads and unlike large pieces of antique furniture they are pretty affordable and owning them does not cost a fortune. Plus every doll collector who likes to display their dolls in a beautiful fashion, bobbleheads can serve as perfect decoration pieces which most definitely add beauty to a room or lounge.

They are considered iconic pieces of craft

The bobbleheads also take up less space even more so than the dolls and therefore they can be moved from one place to another without a hassle at all. Bobbleheads come from many different eras just as dolls do and they are considered iconic pieces of craft. A doll collector would find it appealing to focus on one or more kind of bobbleheads and the vibe they bring along with them. Doll collectors can also get custom dolls face bobbleheads like if some doll collector is really into antique dolls they can get a custom made bobblehead of their favorite antique doll for themselves or if some doll collector is really into barbie dolls, they can get barbie doll bobblehead made for them.

Bobbleheads are really easy to carry along

Unlike dolls which you cannot bring along everywhere due to size constraints, bobbleheads are really easy to carry along and you don’t feel like you’ve left something back at home like a doll which you really wanted to bring but could not because it was not easy to carry along. Doll collectors can also use bobbleheads to decorate their cars with their favorite doll character since their is endless choice when it comes to bobbleheads and they give a really personalized look to your car’s interior and make it more welcoming and pleasing to your own eyes.


Many people get into doll collecting after they come across a beloved childhood toy and once you get a hook of it there is no going back and same is the case with bobbleheads. Being a doll collector if you come across the world of bobbleheads then nostalgia may hit you and it probably will hit you hard and then it feels like honoring your youth by collecting all those missing bits and pieces that you once enjoyed in your early days. It can be a very poignant moment for you and you will definitely enjoy collecting bobbleheads while you recapture all those joys from your childhood to your youth. So if you’re a doll collector I highly suggest you to get into the hobby of collecting bobbleheads and you would most definitely love it.