Why Hoodies Are Perfect All Year Round


Raise your hand if you’re guilty of the following: owning a university/college hoodie, wearing it in the winter, wearing it during fall, and wearing it during spring? Now, we’re not persecuting you for it. Actually, we’re as guilty as you are! Hoodies are not just meant for cold, rainy weather or on days when you suddenly feel the urge to visit the gym. Here’s a round-up on why we think hoodies are perfect to wear all year round.

  1. They’re comfy.

There’s something about the soft cotton material they use in all hoodies. They’re soft from the moment you buy them and stay soft no matter what detergent you use to wash them. They keep us warm when it’s cold, and it’s breathable enough that we’re not sweltering when the weather’s warm. It’s witchcraft, we’re sure of it.

  1. They’re the perfect movie night on the couch attire.

Paired with pajamas or sweats and comfy pair of socks, hoodies complete the look we’re going for whenever we camp out on the couch to have a movie marathon.

  1. They get better as time goes on.

They just keep getting softer the more you use them.

  1. You can never have enough.

Yeah, collecting hoodies to fit the seasons is completely justifiable.

  1. You don’t need an umbrella when you wear it.

It keeps us passably dry whenever we suddenly encounter a light sprinkling of rain. And it keeps us warm during a rainy day spent in an air-conditioned place like an office or the mall.

  1. They’re perfect for spring.

Spring has that weird thing when the days are warm but the nights are still chilly and windy. If you get caught being outside after the sun sets, just put on your trusty hoodie to keep you warm during your trek home.

  1. You can wear them anywhere.

We’ve seen people sporting this everywhere we go: in the mall, the office, the supermarket, the bookstore – the list is endless. It’s almost like it’s the one exception to office dress code, especially when it’s admittedly freezing in there. You can wear them during your morning jog, or to induce more sweat as you work out in the gym. Like we said, you can wear it anywhere you want. (Just not on a date, hopefully.)

  1. It’s appropriate for all ages.

From kids, to teenagers, to college students, to adults, wearing a hoodie is completely acceptable to do. No judgement coming from anyone, whatsoever.

  1. You can wear them to bed.

What’s better than a bed with fluffy pillows and a warm blanket? Going to bed with a hoodie on. It’s that added coziness and warmth you didn’t know you need until you tried it. Slip on some pajamas or sweatpants and you’re good to go.

  1. It’s a form of self-expression.

Yeah, we said it. University hoodies speak a lot about the wearer. Whether you got it during college or simply bought it in a discount store, the style of hoodie that you have will give everybody else a clue about you. Name of a school? You’re probably an alumni or an avid supporter of their team. Pull over or zip up? You love being comfortable in your clothes. Bright or dark colors? It may be in your most favorite color ever.