What You Should Know Before Buying A Fish Tank And Fish From A Pet Shop


Fish are great pets. Unlike dogs and cats, fish will not chew your shoes or leave a mess in the kitchen. However, before buying a tank and populating it with new fish, there are a few details that you need to consider.

Consider the Capacity of Your Fish Tank

You do not want to overpopulate your tank. This will increase the risk of common fish diseases, including fin rot, and make it more difficult to maintain the health of the water.

The typical recommendation is that you can add two and a half centimetres of fish per four litres of water. For example, a 120-litre tank can hold about a dozen small fish. This may include small tetras, rainbow fish, or goldfish.

Make Sure You Have the Right Equipment

Along with the tank, you also need other equipment to provide your fish with a suitable habitat. The tank may include a hood, light, and stand. However, you also need the following:

  • Filtration system (filters or pumps)
  • The substrate or gravel bedding
  • Water conditioner
  • Water pH testing kit
  • Algae scrubber
  • Fish food
  • A net for scooping fish
  • Water bucket

If you need help choosing the right equipment, talk to the experts at local West Midlands pet shops. They can help you select the necessary aquarium supplies to ensure that you do not overlook anything.

Keep in mind that you may not buy fish right away. You first need to set up your tank and ensure that your water is properly conditioned. This typically takes about 30 days.

Fish are easy to care for if you remember to purchase the necessary equipment. Local pet experts can explain the importance of each item and ensure that your new pets have a suitable home.