What is it About Cordless Vacuum Cleaners That Made Them So Popular

Vacuum Cleaners

You must have seen one somewhere and maybe already have one of the best vacuum cleaners, but why are they now favoured so much over the traditional vacuum cleaner? Let’s start with the basics, that a cordless vacuum is a cleaner made to work using a battery pack instead of using a cable which is in most cases, plugged into a wall socket as a power source.

Practically all models of the cordless vacuum cleaner have a charging station that simply recharges the batteries in between cleans. They are also somewhat of a lighter weight and quite easy to manage. There are a number of advantages to using a cordless vacuum cleaner:

  • The most glaringly obvious is that there’s no more dealing with those often long, awkward cables while trying to clean an area.
  • Having no cables to wrap around table legs or to get stuck underfoot while vacuuming a floor, rug, or carpeting is certainly ideal. This basic convenience actually speeds up the cleaning, because it is now unnecessary to keep stopping and untangle or otherwise move the cable.
  • Another advantage to this type of cleaner is that they are bag less. Instead of using a traditional vacuum bag that must be thrown away when full, the cordless vacuum uses a detachable collection bag.
  • When full, the bag is then taken out of the unit and the contents put in the bin. Doing away with replacement bags helps in saving money over the life of the cordless vacuum cleaner and is ecologically sound.

A lot of people who commonly use electrical goods in Leicester, like using a cordless vacuum because it is much lighter in weight than the conventional type. A number of vacuum cleaners are quite large, bulky, and difficult to move and work with, whereas cordless vacuums are slim in their modern design and weigh a lot less than a standard corded type.

However, not everyone is impressed

Not everybody has become fans of the cordless vacuum cleaner. There are some folk who reckon that these types of cleaners just do not have the same power of conventional vacuums and are not appropriate for homes or offices where traffic is heavy on carpeting. Some other people have questioned the strength of the cordless cleaners, stating that just do not last as long as the corded types.

But Those Who Are Reckon

Enthusiasts of the cordless vacuum cleaner say that a lot of models can deal with all kinds of carpeting, as well as being able to adjust for rugs and even hard floors. They reckon there is hardly any difference in the suction power between a quailty corded vacuum and a cordless one. As for their durability, supporters of the cordless vacuum claim that cleaners which have been out for near on a decade are still in perfect active use.

As with a whole range of different products, determining whether a cordless vacuum cleaner is the perfect choice will rest with an individual’s taste.