What are the Best Tips for Juicing?


As every single person in the health community is well aware, fruit and vegetable juicing is considered to be most beneficial for health. After the fruit or vegetables have been thoroughly cleaned, cut to size (if necessary), and juiced, then it can be drunk. The best way to get the most benefits is to consume the juice within around 10 minutes of it being made, thus making sure that the enzymes are still alive.

It’s in our best interests to purchase organic fruit and veggies, and this can simply be done by checking whether the produce you buy is organic by checking out the sticker on the fruit or vegetable.

Understanding the Numbers

If that five-digit code it bears starts with:

  • Number 9, it is organically grown
  • Number 8, it is GMO (Genetically Modified) Stay well clear of these “Frankenfoods!“
  • Number 3 or 4, it was grown traditionally but with the use of pesticides, herbicides and perhaps even synthetic fertilisers.

Shop management usually displays the organic foods in a special section of a trusted health food store and can usually advise you on where to buy a slow juicer in Malaysia.

Getting the Right Type and Growing Your Own

If you’re going to be juicing raw vegetables and fruits that are GMO or have been exposed to pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and chemical fertilisers, it may pose a threat to your health. Some consideration for the particular vitamins and minerals that your body requires to take in should be taken note of when selecting the perfect produce for juicing.

For instance, your vitamin C intake can be boosted by selecting practically any type of citrus fruit, and your chlorophyll intake can be improved by choosing green bell peppers or green leafy vegetables like spinach or lettuce. A number of people who like to juice the same fruits and vegetables on a routine basis have discovered that it’s more economical to grow their very own produce for juicing.

Keep it clean

It is of the essence to clean fruits and raw vegetables thoroughly before juicing them in so as to help guard against the ingestion of any disease-causing parasites. For instance, when making carrot juice, a strong and firm brush should be employed to scrub the carrots to remove any dirt and earth.

Fresh juice will begin oxidation very quickly due to containing live enzymes and is exactly why it should be consumed within minutes after being prepared. People who like fresh juice on a daily basis should purchase a well-constructed juicer with a strong motor that can fully extract juice out of the fruit or vegetable, including green leafy vegetables.

Remove Some Parts

One more important thing to remember is that only certain parts of fruit and vegetables should be juiced. For instance, when someone is going to juice an apple, the core should be discarded. For more information on individual fruit and veggies and how they should be juiced read the booklet which comes with your juicer or research online.