Fungi are a type of microbes that have been there like other viruses and bacteria. They live in the soil, plants, and water. Some fungi cause infections and some fungi are naturally present in our body. Based on its function, Fungi can be divided into good and bad Fungi. The good fungi are the ones that are used in food like, bread, soy sauce, and alcohol, insecticides and pesticides. In some cases, it is also used in treatment to cure diseases. It is also used in industries and most of the crop plants depend on it for growth.

The most important function of good fungi is to decompose things. Lives without fungi would cease with time. If things are not decomposed or if the nutrients are not recycled, life would be very hard for the mammals. Even the plants depend on the fungi to take up the water and nutrients from the soil that filters the toxins from the soil.

The ones which cause harm to living organisms like plants, humans, and animals are bad fungi. Fungal infections are very common among humans and other animals. The fungus takes over or occupies any particular part of the body parts like skin or internal organs and starts growing which our immune system is not able to fight. Although fungi infections are manageable, there are also possibilities of it getting fatal. Ketomac tablet is one of the efficient ways of treating it.

Some of the common fungal diseases are,

  1. Blastomycosis – It is caused by Blastomyces which lives in soil, wood or plants. People tend to come in in contact with this fungi when playing in the foot barefoot or inhale it through the air. The symptoms of the disease are fever, night sweats, chest pain, cough, fatigue, etc. Though the symptoms are flu-like, it might get fatal and spread to the lungs and other organs.
  2. Chromomycosis– It most commonly affects the skin and subcutaneous layer in the limbs. It initially is seen as a lesion but gradually grows with a year and becomes a grey lump and develops chromomycoblastosis which is fatal.
  3. Histoplasmosis- Histoplasma causes infection Histoplasmosis. This fungus is particularly present in bird droppings or soil. Few people are naturally resistant to this infection while usually people inhale it through the air or comes in contact with it through the soil. Though this infection is non-fatal, if untreated it affects the brain and spinal cord.


If fungal infections are increasing, you can always approach the doctor. Medical treatment involves the use of Ketoconazole. Azole is the class Ketoconazole belongs to and it helps in stopping the fungal infections. It attacks the cell membrane of the fungi which results in the death of the fungus. The Ketomac tablets contain a dosage of ketoconazole which acts as an anti-fungal agent and helps in the treatment of fungal diseases. The medication must be taken a few days even after the fungal infection ceases. This will prevent the relapse of the infections.