Tips and tricks to picking a reliable UK iMac supplier


There are many sellers, organisations and individuals who are in the eBay listings, claiming to be the most legitimate source of Apple products. Those “genuine apple product suppliers”, and the individuals looking to make a quick few pounds.

There are things you need to look out for to ensure you are getting the value for what you are paying, and little things that can give you a boost when deciding which seller to choose.

Pick a trusted seller

A trusted seller is an indication of security when spending your money with this seller. Trusted sellers often provide warranties with their products, mention the software included in the product, have detailed product descriptions from colour to storage specs.

If they have sold many products to people, that is an indication that they are doing something right, and with refurbished MacBooks it’s imperative that you are getting a product that will last you at least a short while.

When picking a UK iMac supplier you also need to ensure that your seller specialises in iMacs, as some sellers may sell 2 or 3, but the rest would be iPhones, if you’re looking at a seller, check if iMacs and Macbooks are their forte first.

How to measure authenticity

When getting a refurbished or used apple product it’s obvious you won’t be paying full price for the tech. But you also won’t be paying ridiculously low prices either.

Beware of the schemy sellers who sell Macbooks and iMacs for spares and repairs but only mention the latter in the small print. You don’t want to buy a broken product and still have had wasted your money.

Ways to see if a product is legitimate is often shown in the product images. Various listings on website have the stock images of the macbook or iMac, meaning any schemer can copy and paste that image for themselves.

Many suppliers of used and refurbished apple products take original photos themselves of the condition of the gadget, which would be seen as preferable, much like if you were to get a car, you would find it more reliable if you could see its condition first, especially if it’s used.

Reviews are important

Wherever you are, whether you are on eBay, Amazon or clicking a link from a website, the very least you can do is check the seller’s customer reviews.

Sure the odd one or two could be automated, but if your seller is getting hundreds of ⅘ star reviews for their services, receiving good feedback on their product conditions and warranty, as well as them offering quick delivery too, this could also be a good indicator of a good apple product supplier.

If necessary, make sure you sift through reviews, just ensure that there isn’t a recurring theme of complaints about the software, about the battery life, or any other issues that you may come across with technology bought online.


In conclusion, when buying any refurbished apple product online, in this case an iMac, ensure you know who and where this tech is coming from. Check the reviews, pricing, inclusive warranty and other extras, and make a smart choice based on the points discussed.