The Top 3 Miniature War Games


    Table top war games featuring miniatures; scale models of sci-fi characters, have been around for decades. Whilst not quite as popular as the modern video game, miniature war games have a cult like following of their own with millions of fans across the world.

    Each game will have its own theme and corresponding level of difficulty but here we’ll list what we think are the pick of the bunch. Read on to see which game might suit you.

    1. Infinity

    One of our favourites, Infinity the Game offers a realistic and futuristic insight into the world of table top strategy games.

    The action is brought to you via 28mm scale models constructed from metal. What really struck us was the overall feel of quality and the attention to detail each miniature provides.

    It is recommended that you play on a surface measuring 48” x 48” although a minimum of 32” by 34” is possible. To play, the following is required;

    • 3 twenty-sided dice per player
    • 3 infinity miniatures per player
    • A measuring tape
    • Suitable model terrain to simulate cover and blind angles
    • A gaming table

    Infinity is different to other games in that rather than taking turns, the game offers a real-time experience where you have the ability to directly respond to an opponent’s actions which can include making return fire. This alone can make the game far more exciting and leaves no room for not being alert.

    1. Warhammer 40,000

    Warhammer is an old favourite that has stood the test of time, originally being released in 1987. Each player is in command of armies of brave humans, noble elves and beastly orcs with the aim of gaining the upper hand over their opponents.

    Each miniature can be moved a set distance by the use of rulers where shooting and hand to hand combat is decided by the roll of a dice.

    The most captivating aspect of Warhammer 40k is the scale and realism of the landscapes which act as the games battleground. You’ve probably already seen one in a war game shop but they are truly something to behold.

    The key to victory is utilising sound strategy and exploiting your opponent’s weaknesses whilst making use of your force’s strengths.

    What most fans of the series love is the ability to craft, build and paint your own miniature pieces to make the experience that much more personal.

    1. Star Wars: X-Wing

    When this game was released, some fans of both the Star Wars franchise and table top strategy games may well have felt as if they had gone to heaven. And to top it all off, this war game plays as well as some of the best out there.

    Players will love the fact that you are able to customise each ship, with the ability to choose from a variety of different pilots and weapons as well as additional abilities and equipment. Also a dice based game, this one is not to be missed.

    Whatever your preference, you’re sure to find a game for you. Whether that be Infinity miniatures or pretending you’re the next captain of the Millennium Falcon. Each game can be bought online or from a retail store, so if you’re in Australia, be sure to check out your nearest games shop.

    Table top war games can become very competitive so make sure to take regular breaks to get the most out of your experience.