The pros and cons of using Gel nail polish


There is a huge debate on which is the better option between classic nail polish and gel nail polish. There are many people out there praising or demonizing gel nail polish, while others claim that these two products are the same. Here is an unbiased review of gel nail polishes to help you decide whether they are the best option for you.

The pros

  1. They generally last longer

Most classic nail polish lasts for only a few days, gel polish has been known to last for up to two weeks. If you take care of your nails, you could even enjoy your polish for up to three weeks without peeling, chipping, or cracking.

  1. They dry quickly

You no longer have to wait for your nail polish to dry for long periods of time. Reputable manicurists use UV lighting to set the gel in place, cutting the drying time to only a few minutes. This allows you to save time on manicures so that you can invest it in other important areas of your life, such as work and family.

  1. No more smudges and chipped nails

You nail polish can get ruined when you start working on another task before your nail polish is dry. Due to the short drying time, you don’t have to worry about your next activity destroying your manicure.

  1. Holds shine and doesn’t fade

The reason many women struggle with regular polish is that it fades very quickly losing itsappeal. Gel nail polish is different. It can withstand most activities without losing its beauty, which works well for women who don’t have the time to change their polish every couple of days.

The cons

  1. They are very expensive

Gel polishes are generally pricier than regular polishes and are not very pocket-friendly when you are working with a small budget. However, many people are still willing to pay top dollar to enjoy high-quality nail polish for longer from a place like

  1. They are difficult to remove

Lasting longer than regular polish means that they are sturdier and more durable. However, this can cause quite a headache when you need to remove the gel nail polish. The removal process is painstakingly long and if done wrong could damage your nails.

  1. The chances of damaging your nails are higher

Most gel manicures have been known to weaken nail beds after long periods of use. This can weaken your nails, making them more prone to damages. The brittleness of the nails isn’t a problem when you have an experienced manicurist to help you, so ensure that your manicurist is a pro before entrusting your precious nails to them.

Are you ready to try gel polish?

As you’ve seen, the benefits of using gel polish outweigh the cons. If you like changing your polish color every few days, gel polish may not be for you. But if you want something that lasts longer and gives you more value for your buck, then gel polish may be your answer.