The Most Futuristic Digital Watches

Digital Watches

When technology meets great watchmaking, we are in for something exciting. Over the last few decades, just about everything has become digitized, including the wristwatch. Today, your watch can be as much a necessity as your smartphone or any other gadget. After all, they have some features and functions that give new meaning to timekeeping. From touch screens to watches that you can connect to your smartphones, we have seen it all and the future of watches looks more interesting than ever before. Before you know it, you will have the world wrapped around your wrist.

MichaelKors Access MKT5057


Price: Rs.27,995

This model in the Michael Kors series is a visual treat with the gold and silver linked bracelet and the complete gold dial. The dark touch screen is customizable to give you a new look each day. The watch features a heart rate monitor, an activity tracker and even provides multiple time zone options.

Powered by the Google iOS, this watch allows easy connectivity to your smartphone, giving you all the information that you need on the go. Be it email alerts, appointments, alarms or even your health alerts, this watch does everything for you.

Casio Pro Trek PRG-240T-7DR

Price: Rs.18,995

As the name suggests, this is a watch made for the outdoors. This model is the result of several stages of innovation and has evolved into a beast in terms of its functionality. The first thing that you will notice is the supersized dial that comes with a rotating bezel. The buttons and the bezels on the watch are large enough for you to operate when you are sporting gloves.

To make for easier reading, the four directions are indicted using big letters in a color that stands out against the black dial. There are dedicated buttons to help you read the barometer and the altitude as well. They are extremely easy to operate and come with a one-touch feature. To provide easy operation, these buttons incorporate a slanted geometric pattern that offers complete slip resistance. Tough Solar features provide complete stability and is perfect for even the most power-hungry features of the watch.

Swatch Digital

Swatch Digital

Price: Rs.6150

The Swiss watch making company is no stranger to innovation when it comes to design. So, when they introduced a smart digital watch to the world, it was sure to stand out. The rectangular dial of the watch and the silicone strap are available is some of the brightest and trendiest colors. What is most interesting about the watch is the digital display that is offbeat and gives the model a personality of its own. It is complete with a curved glass LED touch screen that functions extremely smoothly.

In terms of functionality, the watch includes a chronometer, a timer and even features a backlight to make it very readable. The watch offers multi time zone display and includes a timer that you can set as you like. It is completely shock and water-resistant as well, making it suitable for rough daily use.

Casio G-shock Professional GW-9400-3DR

Price: Rs.16,995

This watch in the Casio G-Shock series is everything that the adventurer in you dreams of. The high quality resin band is resistant to scratches and wear and tear, making it your perfect companion in the great outdoors. The design of the watch is rugged and bulky, featuring a thick strap and a chunky dial that suits it perfectly. The earthy tones that the watch is available in set it apart from other designs. The large cylindrical buttons on the watch make it extremely easy to operate while you are on the go.

When it comes to functionality, this is one of the best watches out there. It is equipped with a triple sensor that helps you read direction, temperature, pressure and altitude. To protect the gears and the sensors of the watch you have a high quality metal cover that resists any lateral shock and even keeps dust and other foreign objects away. The Tough Solar feature keeps your watch powered all day long making it ideal for any long trip or adventure that you have planned.

Casio Vintage

Price: Rs.4,295

The vintage series by Casio combine the old world charm of full metal watches with a modern digital display. The two extremes come together rather harmoniously with this unique timepiece. The watch features a simple mesh band that is made from stainless steel in a dull gold hue. A geometric, square dial in a contrasting deep black color adds great depth to the design.

The watch is completely water resistant and includes interesting features like a countdown timer, a 1/10 second stopwatch, and alarm notifications as well. The display of this watch is extremely clean and focuses a great deal on the readability. Light on your wrists and easy to handle, this is the best digital watch for daily use.