The Future Of Shopping Is Here And It’s In Dubai

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Shopping, what was a headache years ago has now developed into the most viral pastime of the 21st century. A growing number of people have started to pursue shopping as their much-loved pastime. The reason behind popularity of this addictive trend is not precisely the growing number of malls but the increase in extent of variety, sophistication, modernization and the level of amenity the new ones being launched, promise.

A mall specifically in modern terms is a place that offers a range of activities. Dubai, in this regard has taken the matter to a whole new level. This city in the midst of a desert has successfully integrated the element of tourism with shopping as a result the city has evolved into shopaholics’ ecstasy. People from around the world fly to Dubai in order to experience the most unique and modern malls that exist on this planet. Dubai has the world’s largest and most ‘up-to-the-minute’ malls.

A future game changer, mall of the world is on its way to make history. Since its official announcement in July 2014 the project has gathered a lot of anticipation. This project will certainly change the way people think of a mall. Covering an astounding 8 million sq. feet this mall is rather a mini city under a dome whose temperature is controlled so as to avoid the wrath of scorching desert heat. In simpler terms mall of the world is the world’s first controlled temperature city.

The excitement doesn’t end here the project is ought to hold, 100 multi-story hotels, a parking space for 50000 vehicles and roads of total length 7km. A world class tram service will be serving to ease movement within the huge mall.

Undoubtedly the most overwhelming part of the project is the cultural district. The cultural district will feature las ramblas Barcelona, billboard surrounded street depicting New York’s Broadway and ad a shopping boulevard themed with Oxford Street London. In conjunction with all that an events complex is also planned which when finalised will be Dubai’s largest one with a seating capacity of 15000 people.

Wellness district is also among the key features of mall of the world. Occupying 3 of the 8 million sq feet of the mall’s area, wellness district functions as heaven to medical tourists. The facilities inside the wellness district offer cure to every curable ailment, a wide range of cosmetic surgeries and other health related services. Inside the mall of the world top notch health services are just a tram ride away.

Looking at the modern tourist trends, mall of the world is a giant leap in this regard. Dubai is pacing its way to become the ultimate holiday destination. After the project meets its conclusion it will certainly attract a large number of tourists so that they can experience the most unique and extravagant mall that exists on the face of earth.

This project has already strengthened the index. It will also empower hospitality and property sectors in Dubai. If the property sectors are something you might have an interest in, why not check out AAJ Property for some great Dubai deals.

James Richings is a writer from the UK