Summer party? Try these styles to rock the eve!


The coming summer will bring out the wolves who had been driven to their caves during winters. The season of sundresses and t-shirts and shorts will make the people flaunt their bodies and enjoy the season of warmth. The season will obviously have its seasonal parties especially in the colleges and the hostels. The question that arises in everybody’s mind is what to wear to such occasions because who doesn’t want to stand out in a party and make an impression with his/her dressing sense. Since it’ll be summers, there are a lot of people who would turn up even shirtless but that is only good when you have a very trimmed and maintained body which has been shaped up with sweat in the gym. T shirts for men and women have a numerous wardrobe options.

Well coming back to the problem of what to wear to these parties during summers which bugs everyone because everyone wants to make a mark. The very first instinct that everyone has on such occasions is to pull out the latest piece of your wardrobe or to don something with which you are very much connected to or something which look good on you. This is the very first advice on the dressing to these parties that never follow this instinct because you may regret that decision very badly.

These are the parties where if in college you will have booze, water, sweaty people and if at local gardens or halls then also you will have booze, sweaty people and dancing youngsters thus your new pieces may very easily get damaged and the very same with your best till the point where you can get it back to the original state and this will lead to you losing a good outfit. Some general things that you should always follow while dressing for a party is that always take up something that you are not very connected and definitely not anything new. You should always consider pieces that are very easily replaceable or something of which you have two pieces.

The very simple styles that you can don to make your mark by your style are as follows:

  • The evergreen t-shirt with jeans: Pairing of t-shirt and denims are evergreen and these are apt for almost all occasions be it college party, local parties even college. The best thing about them is that t-shirts are easily replaceable and thus there is no tension of it getting ruined.
  • Sports jacket over the t-shirt: This is not very recommended because jackets seem to get lost at parties when to get them off and keep them somewhere but in early springs when there is still some chill in the breeze it is very much recommended to wear a sports jacket to these parties.
  • Hoodie t-shirts: these are good options as well because they provide the same comfort as the regular t-shirts but also provide you the additional advantage of style by providing you the hood.
  • Sleeveless t-shirts: these types of t-shirts are only recommended when you have muscular build otherwise these look very bad on a lean figure and they can make you the subject of jokes at these parties.

t-shirts are recommended during these parties because they are light and usually of hypoallergenic material which is a major worry during summers and they also facilitate easy airflow between themselves and the body to help with the perspiration.