Should you be worried about the weight of a River Stone Bathtub?

River Stone Bathtub
Before purchasing a natural stone tub, a bunch of preparations need to be done in order to ensure that the product will be fully operational after installation. One of the crucial elements that need to be established is how much weight does your floor or ceiling can withstand.

Each natural stone bathtub is a unique product which cannot be copied or repeated. The producer also cannot predict the exact weight of a product until it is fully finished. However, at Lux4home™ we have delivered dozens of stone bathtubs to almost every continent in the world. That gave us enough experience to know what to expect and what to be prepared for. We would like to spread this knowledge and educate the world of interior designers, architects, contractors and, last but not least, private customers.

The weight range of our regular sized stone bathtubs is usually between 800kgs and 1200 kgs. Of course, this number rises proportionally to the dimension of a rock tub.
In Europe, the weight of a rock bathtub usually isn’t an issue, since most of the floors there can withstand between 700 to 1000 kilograms per 1 square meter, and you need to keep in mind that an average stone bathtub, like this one, usually spreads its weight on over 3 square meters. Based on the feedback that we are receiving each year, the situation gets tricky especially in the United States, where buildings are quite different. In some cases, the floor or ceiling needs to be strengthened before installing a stone bathtub. In case of any doubts regarding the installation in one’s place, we always suggest getting advice from a local engineer or architect. Our experience team at Lux4home™ is also happy to give you advice before the purchase. Feel free to contact us anytime and we will work everything out!

What about the installation process itself? This also needs to be planned in advance. Once the bathtub is delivered to your site, usually all you need is a moving company with a bunch of healthy people and straps. That way you can lift the bathtub and take it even to a storey. In extreme cases, a forklift or a smaller crane can be helpful. Best thing is that you only do it once, and then you enjoy the timeless features of a natural stone bathtub for a very long time. If you also need any help regarding the preparation of the site, drainage or anything related, do not hesitate to contact us!