Online Mobile Accessories Shopping Guide


If you think that your phone would work fine with just a mobile charger, think again. Nowadays, a mobile phone needs a host of accessories to keep it going and glowing. And it is essential that you pick the perfect accessories to go with your phone. Phone accessories range from Power Banks to earphones, covers, screen guards, mobile batteries, blue tooth, mobile chargers and more. The best part is that you only need to check the best online shopping site in India to get them all.

Things to Cross-Check before Buying Mobile Accessories

A newly launched phone can very well outsmart your smartphone, with its additional features. Purchase all mobile accessories online and make your smartphone smarter. Buying mobile accessories online is a good option because you can get exclusive and cheap deals, which are not available at stores.

  1. Power Banks – Worried that you phone’s battery is dying and you still have hours before you get a chance to charge it? Worry no more, get a power bank today! A power bank is a portable charger, which comes to your rescue. There are certain things that should always be checked before buying one though. Check your phone’s mAh, which is given on the battery. Always buy a power bank with a greater mAh. For instance, if your phone battery is a 1000 mAh, then go for a 2500 mAh power bank. This way you can charge your phone twice. Also, check the current draw. Some batteries take a draw current of 1 Ampere while others draw 2.1 Amperes. It is always a smart choice to buy a power bank of the highest mAh, one with two ports of 1 ampere and 2.1 ampere each. There are two types of cells used in power, lithium ion and lithium polymer. Although lithium ion is cheaper, lithium polymer ones should be preferred. Go for branded power banks that carry a warranty. Buy one with a Ul certification. This ensures that the device has a standard quality control and real output.
  2. Earphones – Earphones are a must today. It allows you to chat with your best friend without feeling that your ear is on fire. Earphones also allow you to listen to your favourite tracks while on the go. If you get an earphone tailor made for your phone, just go for it. Older phones have a 2.5mm jack for headphones, while most smartphones have 3.5mm jacks. So buy accordingly. Also, check that the frequency response falls in the 10Hz-20Khz range. Also check for THD (Total Harmonic Distortion). Standard THD of an earphone must be less than 1%. Impedence and sensitivity standard range is 16ohm-32ohm and 90dB-150dB, respectively.
  3. Covers – Covers not only protect your phone but also define your taste. You can choose from a host of designs available on online shopping sites in India, such as slide covers, flip covers, back covers and more. Covers come in different materials and textures, which give you a chance to customize your device. Graphic printed covers have become the flavour of the season.
  4. Screen guards – Screen guards are a necessity in this age of smartphones. The real life of a smartphone lies in its touchscreen. Using a screen guard will increase the life of your phone’s screen.
  5. Mobile batteries – If you mobile battery just died then you don’t have to roam around the entire city to buy one. With online shopping sites, your battery is just a click away. Buy one that has been recently manufactured and make sure the model is a fit.
  6. Bluetooth – If you are tired of untangling your earphones all the time, then Bluetooth will set you wire-free. Check the compatibility of the Bluetooth device with your phone. Battery life is the main criteria to look into while shopping for Bluetooth devices.
  7. Mobile chargers – Mobile chargers for various mobile sets are easily available online. For travel purposes, you can buy a single charger with different sockets for different phones to meet the needs of the entire family.

Apart from the above mentioned points, you should always review prices, discount deals on various brands and customer reviews by other online shoppers before making a final choice.