Military-Themed Gift Ideas This Christmas


The holiday season is upon us and gift shopping has begun. If you have a family member who is serving in the Armed Forces or is a veteran, a military-themed gift may be appropriate. You can make this Christmas extra special by considering the following gift ideas.

Military T Shirts

Korean, Vietnam, and Desert Storm veterans played an honorable role during three pivotal conflicts. As time passes, these individuals may feel forgotten for the valor they displayed. Fortunately, you haven’t and you want to remember them in a positive way.

Military tee shirts with an Army, Air Force, Navy or Marines logo and the seal of the United States affixed on same is a great place to start. Such shirts come in a variety of designs and complementing colors — some point to a specific service such as a medical or a bomber group. There are shirts designed for all branches, Coast Guard service personnel too.

Ball Caps

When it comes to hat wear, ball caps are the head covering of choice. They’re easy to use, come in all sizes or offer a one-size-fits-all feature. Ball caps, of course, are not just for baseball, golf, and other sports. Military-themed caps have a place in the conversation too.

Ball caps also allow instant recognition for your service. For instance, an Army Signal Corps emblazoned with the dual flag and torch symbol makes for a wonderful gift. Your Air Force veteran will look sharp in a washed blue ball cap — it looks great with jeans. And distressed patrol caps for the USMC member never gets old. Of course, there are a variety of patriotic-themed ball caps emblazoned with the US flag. The “in memoriam” hat reminds everyone of the service of a fallen hero.

Military Blankets

You root for your favorite team, but those games may be played in the cold. The annual Army-Navy game is held in December — there is always a chance it might snow. Cold or not, you can stay warm with a knit hat and a military blanket.

For Army fans, a US Army blanket in olive drab and composed of 70 percent wool is the way to go. Its the same general military issue blanket that comforted you in the bunk; you can buy one and give it as an early Christmas present.

For Navy fans, a foot soldier blanket made specifically for Navy personnel is a must. Composed of 100 percent wool, these blankets come in US Navy cream and are based on the same blankets used in World War II explains Medals of America.

Weekend Getaway

Perhaps your service personnel or veteran would enjoy a weekend getaway to our nation’s capital. Washington, DC, is the ideal destination to take in all that the city has to offer. It also offers a wide variety of military memorials to honor our service men and women.

There are 10 memorials that recognize those who served. The Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Jefferson Memorial are among the better known sites in DC. There is also the World War II Memorial, the Korean War Veterans Memorial, and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Make a promise to visit Washington, DC, by providing the plane tickets, car rental and hotel stay that will make this person feel extra special.

Christmas Shopping

Shopping for those who served doesn’t always mean a military-themed gift. You might also consider making a donation on behalf of this person to assist homeless or injured veterans. Another consideration is simply volunteering to help veterans complete their taxes, work through the healthcare maze, or to find housing. Whatever you decide, your thoughtfulness will be remembered and appreciated by the recipient.