Whether you are a future bride with a pretty lonely on your ring finger or just a young woman or a young man waiting for the application, together let’s make a point about what this sacred commitment is: marriage.


To marry means that one chooses to unite with the person one loves, for life. Because marriage is a commitment of indefinite duration. Two persons, whether of the same sex or of different sexes, say “YES”. A conjugal union that is sealed by a ceremony at the town hall, which legally confirms their alliance, but which can also be reinforced by a religious or secular ceremony.

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In the customs and traditions, marriage is the base of a community of life: that is to say that the spouses must have a married life (live together even if the other has bad breath in the morning, or that he stinks or is ugly). It united a man and a woman at the base, but since the same-sex marriage was adopted, we know that two men and two women can also say “Yes”. If the absence of marital duty (having sex) could be a cause of annulment of marriage or divorce over time, fortunately today is no longer relevant. Do you see your ear?

Who run the world?

Every country and every religion has its traditions about marriage.


To get married in USA, you have to that the future spouses are adults.

You must not be already married or divorcing. On the other hand, you can be PACSé, even to someone else; it is stamped, since the marriage dissolves the PACS.

Of course you must not have too much kinship (we cannot marry his brother or sister, report to the concerns of consanguinity and because it is a little too dirty and then weird too).

And then, of course, the spouses must be consenting. It’s more fun.

  • The marriage contract
  • There are 4 main marriage contracts:
  • The community regime reduced to acquits
  • Separation of property regime
  • Regime of the universal community
  • Marriage contract with participation in acquits.

To contract some of these commitments, you will have to go to the notary, for others it is done automatically at your union at the town hall. I invite you to read this article which takes more detail the different forms of marriage contracts.

Where to get married?

The civil marriage takes place at the town hall of your municipality. To do so, at least one of the spouses must live there or one of the direct relatives. The religious ceremony can also be done in the place of worship of your city. For the secular ceremony, however, it often takes place directly on the place of reception, outside.

Engagement request

If there is nothing obligatory nowadays, it is not uncommon for one of the future husband to beg the other. This allows sealing their union officially, before the official commitment to the town hall. An engagement ring can be offered or any other gift (or anything else) you can get your customized engagement rings from this online Jewelry store. An engagement party can also be organized to meet the families of the newlyweds and their close friends. Most often, the wedding is organized in the year following the marriage proposal.

Example of engagement ring

At the ceremony, a new wedding gem is exchanged between the spouses: the wedding rings. But nothing is mandatory, it’s just the tradition. An external demonstration of their mutual commitment.

  • How long does it take to organize a wedding?
  • 18 months according to the CGT (the bride)
  • 3 months according to police (the groom)

If the spouses wish to organize a big party, it is better to do it at least a year in advance. But everything is possible and a wedding can be organized in a few months. The different ceremonies to celebrate your union

The civil ceremony. It takes place at the town hall. Depending on the importance of your city, you can more or less customize your celebration. The more important the city, the more the elected officials are in a hurry and the less your wedding ceremony will be long. Allow about 15 minutes to get married in Bordeaux and 45 minutes to find parking.

The religious ceremony depends on the worship you have chosen. It is not mandatory to marry religiously to be officially married. Only the move to the town hall is legally speaking. I invite you to read this very complete article, which according to your religion will help you to know more about the organization of your religious wedding.

The secular ceremony. It takes place on the place of reception, if possible outside. It often replaces the religious ceremony of unbelieving or atheist couple. You can call a lay ceremony officiant or ask a relative to take on this role. This type of celebration is totally free and allows lovers to have a 100% personalized wedding ceremony.


The newlyweds bury their lives as boys and girls. Drinking finely organized by their wedding witnesses, this can range from hazing in rule to the nice weekend between friends.

The day before the wedding

The custom is that the day before the wedding the future couple does not sleep together. Everyone at home with his parents so that the next day the discovery is 100% surprise. Finally, it dates from the time when the spouses were not supposed to have consummated their marriage before D-DAY. We know that today in 95% of cases it is bullshit.

The wedding dress

This is often what makes future brides dream: their wedding dress . Long dress, often white and with more or less lace, it is supposed to represent in the tradition the virginity of the bride. But well … today is more for folklore than for the respect of innocence … The bride can also wear a veil and a bouquet.

The bride will be dressed in a nice costume that he will not really choose because his future wife told him that this year the blue is trendy and so that’s what he must wear. He can also put a tie, a lavallière or a bow tie…. Always according to the theme of marriage and the tastes of his future wife.

Wedding day

A wedding is usually celebrated on a day. In the morning the bride gets up, surrounded by her witnesses and relatives like her mother or sister. After makeup and hair, she can finally put on her wedding dress.

When she is ready, she goes to the town hall where her future husband is already waiting for her.

On the forecourt, more or less alone as an acorn if it rains.

After the civil ceremony, a procession is organized to the place of religious or secular ceremony, according to the chosen formula. The bride can change her dress between the civil marriage and the religious marriage if she wants her darling to discover THE dress only when she entered the church, preceded by her procession.

The tradition is that a broom car closes the parade of cars and ensures that no one gets lost on the way. M’fin now, have Waze, it’s really more practical.

At the end of the day, a reception is organized at the reception area. Usually you do it outdoors to enjoy the outdoors (especially if you are getting married in a beautiful castle with a nice park). But if you are celebrating your union in winter or in the rain, plan a fallback solution. The whims of the married who have farted their PEL and suddenly want ABSOLUTELY make us take the cocktail outside while we peeled the loaves, thank you but it’s still.

After the reception, a meal with all the guests is organized. Then a dance party. Between the dishes, the witnesses of the bride and groom can organize games as well as animations that will allow the caterer to organize themselves and the guests.

The day after the wedding

To prolong the festivities a little, the newlyweds can also organize a brunch the day after the wedding. When everyone already has a good hangover and in addition you have to put that back.


Traditionally, it was the parents who paid for the wedding of their children. But since arranged marriages are no longer fashionable and husbands are in most cases financially independent before saying “Yes”, they are the ones who are now advancing the costs of their union.

And also because they do not want their parents invite all their friends on the pretext that they have invitations to give.

Today, the married couples are taking ownership of their union so that it reflects their love.

And after the marriage, what do we do?

You may decide to do a Trash the Dress photo shoot, because your wedding dress anyway, you will never put it back. Besides, you can also try to take it to the laundry after to clean it.

If it’s not done yet, you can try to reproduce yourself to create a little human being, fruit of your love. Make a child what. But hey, there is nothing obligatory and it is better not to have children than to beget them and to do badly just because we have been dictated by society.

If your maternal or paternal instinct is not really developed yet, go on a honeymoon instead . It’s less noisy, it smells fewer poops and it’s more relaxing. On the other hand there can be a lot of vomit if you spend your time boozing.


The trend is to marrying Elopement. A very small union between lovers and their wedding witnesses. We do not invite parents or spongers and we break up to say yes. It is the fashion especially on the other side of the Atlantic. In France we like big tables and nice parties.

And that’s also the magic of marriage: celebrating your love surrounded by all the people who are dear to us.