Lift and Plump Your Skin with a Restorative Mask


Innovations in skin care now make it possible for you to fight the aging process with a fibre mask that will leave your facial skin plumped and noticeably lifted in only 15 minutes. This type of mask uses a serum that works with a mask mould that conforms to facial contours for maximum results.

Harungana Extract

Harungana extract is included in the mask’s ingredients to ensure the desired effect. Harungana extract is derived from a tree that is found in Africa and Madagascar. Besides stimulating collagen production, the ingredient has been used for a number of therapies. These therapies have revealed the healing and antiseptic benefits of the plant. The orange-red sap of the harungana plant is used directly to smooth the skin.

Therefore, when you shop the best skincare online in Singapore, you do not want to pass over anti-aging masks that contain the ingredient harungana. To apply the mask, you need to do so on both the face and neck. Both areas should first be thoroughly cleansed. Leave the mask on 15 minutes. After removing the mask, massage any additional product by using a soft and smoothing motion. The mask should be used up to twice a week.

Restoring Your Skin at Night

Besides the restorative mask containing harungana, you need to use a restorative night moisturising cream that also contains harungana. This type of “night wear” cream is made for all types of skin and can therefore be used on normal, dry, combination, and oily skin types. The skin product replenishes the skin whilst Montpelier cistus, another plant extract, unifies the skin’s appearance.

When you have this type of skin support, you will realise a complexion that is free of dark spots and appears more radiant. If you want to follow a hydrating and nourishing routine of skin care, using these types of products will keep you looking your best. This type of night cream is non-comedogenic and dermatologically tested.

Applying the Night Cream

When using a cream of this type, apply it to your face and neck nightly. Use light pressing movements, working from the middle of the face and outwards. The product should always be applied to a clean face and neck. The use of the cream reactivates the fibroblasts, stimulating the production of collagen. Therefore, the cream not only replenishes the dermis of the skin, it visibly reduces the look of sags and wrinkling.

The product features a tetrapeptide that enhances epidermal renewal as well as the aforementioned Montpelier cistus, which evens out the complexion. Hexylresorcinol inhibits melanin activity, thereby correcting dark spots or preventing their recurrence. The addition of ginkgo biloba extract adds radiance to the skin whilst hyaluronic acid rebuilds the hydrolipidic film on the skin’s surface. Shea butter is included to nourish the skin and restore its youthfulness.