Interesting Facts of Spirited Away That Make You Buy The Movie Character T-Shirts


Animated film legend Hayao Miyazaki blessed the entire world with Spirited Away, the best-animated movie of all time. It is first animated ever in the history that able to make $200 million before releasing in North America. It even crosses the Titanic movie in Japan. There are many facts that people don’t know about this movie, and here, you get to know about them.

  1. It was made without a script

The movie was made without a script. In fact, Hayao Miyazaki movies never made with scripts. He instead starts by drawing storyboards and then, the story develops after than naturally. Hayao Miyazaki doesn’t know where the story is going, but he allows coming out naturally. It is the best thing about Miyazaki movies and why people show interested in his movies.

  1. Hayao Miyazaki is the reasons behind everything

Hayao Miyazaki directed draws the storyboards and wrote for the film. He writes the film with drawings. So, it means when you are watching his movie, you are actually viewing his efforts, vision and hard work. He is so involved and influential in the production that someone even called him “the auteur of anime”.

  1. Chihiro character was inspired by one of the producer’s friends daughter

After he announced his retirement, he took his friends to a mountain cabin. The daughter of his friends inspired him for Spirited Away. Then, he decided to make a film for ten-year-old girls. The main character of the movie should be ordinary, with no special powers and abilities. All ten-year-old girls need someone human to whom they can relate to and see themselves as heroine in their lives, without special powers and capabilities.

  1. It broke ways box-office records

The movie was able to make 30.4 billion yen, and it is the highest grossing movie in Japanese history and overtaking Titanic. This record has still to be a broken, and there are many people who think that Frozen to be as the movie strong contender.

  1. The name of the characters signify who they are

Boh represents a son or little boy, Yubaba represents bathhouse witch, Kamaji represents old boiler man, and Zeniba represents money witch.

There are many interesting characters in the movie that make the movie all time favorite. If you have not yet watched the movie, then you should watch it now!!

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