How You Can Benefit From A La-Z-Boy Chair


There’s nothing like coming home from a long day at work, sitting down with your family, and being able to relax, but if you do not have comfortable chairs to sit in, you will quickly find that you can develop back pain and will not look forward to this time the way you should. The best way to ensure that you love your relaxation time with your family every evening is to make sure you have comfortable chairs for everyone to sit in. While there are many different options available for homeowners to choose from, there is one classic chair that has maintained its popularity throughout the years, and for a good reason: the La-Z-Boy. There are even medical benefits for using a reclining chair which you can see on the website.

Enjoy Amazing Back Support

One of the reasons why the La-Z-Boy remains so famous all around the world is because it offers incredible back support, making it one of the most comfortable chairs you can buy. Because the seat and the back of the chair move together when you recline, the chair does not have a gap that develops near your lower back. It is this gap in a reclining chair that causes so much lower back pain in people, and although some will try to fix the problem with a pillow or rolled up towel, the only way to ensure that you get the proper back support you need is to buy a quality chair like a La Z Boy in Newport.

Options for Reclining

Most recliners will let you recline but then keep the chair stable, not allowing any other movement. This is unfortunate, as many people prefer to recline without feeling like they are laying down. Some of the reclining options you get with a La-Z-Boy include the following:

  • Recline with legs down
  • Recline and rock
  • Recline with legs in three different positions
  • 16 locking positions for the best rocker position
  • Ability to have your feet above your head while reclining

Solid Foam

Excellent construction and high-quality materials are two of the hallmarks of this chair, and the foam that is used is no exception. While there are a lot of rockers available for purchase that are stuffed full of bits of stuffing, La-Z-Boy chairs are cut from a single block of foam.

While this may not seem like a huge difference when you are shopping for chairs and trying to decide which one is the right chair for you, this has many benefits. The solid piece of foam will not shift away from the person sitting in the chair the way the stuffing will. It will keep its shape for a lot longer, and it will look more beautiful and newer than a chair that is filled with stuffing.

If you are in the market for a new chair and know that you want to be as comfortable as possible, then it’s time to buy a La-Z-Boy. Time and time again, these chairs have proven that they are the most comfortable and long-lasting option on the market. You and your whole family will be amazed at how much you all love this chair once you get it home.