How to Design and Decorate a Farmhouse Style Home


Are you one of the 75% of US homeowners planning to refurbish their home soon? Why not consider re-doing your interiors in the popular Modern farmhouse style.This decor trend creates a spacious, cozy ambiance perfect for when you’re spending more time at home than ever before. Get started with these top tips from leading designers.Master farmhouse style with these tips for every room in your home.Farmhouse Interior Design BasicsThere’s a fine line between modern farmhouse decor and country kitsch. Excessive country motifs, animal decorations, and images of greenery can push your farmhouse endeavors over the edge.Here’s how to make sure you get farmhouse decorating right every time:Start with White WallsWhite walls are an integral part of modern farmhouse design. They’re especially effective when paired with steel beams.Another way to enhance your farmhouse interiors is to paint the trim on your walls slightly brighter and whiter than the walls.Pair Rustic Elements With Clean, Modern LinesMixing old and new is a classic farmhouse design tactic. So, if you have a stone fireplace in your home, consider furnishing the room with sleek modern furnitureShimmery plastered walls look stunning against reclaimed wood furniture and a pitched roof with simple white beams create a wonderfully rustic, yet modern feel.Can the ClutterClutter is the death of your modern farmhouse style. Keep your rooms clean and uncluttered.To add a natural vibe, opt for simple flower arrangements, get rid of overly countrified artworks, and keep your surfaces clear and polished.Furniture with neutral tones will help prevent your rooms from seeming sterile and characterless.Add Architectural ElementsGet creative with practical things like doors. You can opt for a sliding barn door in one of your entryways, and install wood-look window frames to embrace the views.Exchange your silver brackets and cabinet hardware with rustic versions to add just the right amount of rustic charm to your rooms.Farmhouse Style Decorating IdeasNow that you’ve got a general idea of the basic components of farmhouse design, you can get really creative with your interior decorating aspirations.These are some of the most popular ways to enhance your home’s farmhouse feel:Use Reclaimed WoodReclaimed wood is perfect for farmhouse style. It’s weathered and characterful as well as eco-friendly.You can use reclaimed wood for shelving and flooring. Embrace Butcher BlockButcher block is one of the trendiest elements of farmhouse design. It works best as a kitchen counter or as a top for a coffee table.Another benefit of butcher block is that it will last for years with very little maintenance.A Farmhouse SinkA huge single or double sink’s the epitome of kitchen elegance, and farmhouse kitchens simply must have a white apron sink.Alternatively, you can choose from a wide range of alternative colors and materials to suit your particular style. Shaker cabinets work best to complement this type of sink.Reduce and ReuseConsider using slipcovers instead of reupholstering your sofas. This is a much cheaper option than buying a new sofa or getting your existing one reupholstered.You can also throw these in the washing machine when they need cleaning.Vintage furniture suits farm style homes to the tee. It has undeniable environmental benefits too.Take a look in your garage or head to the second-hand store to pick up some wicker and rattan items. These natural fibers epitomize country living and work beautifully as accents.Textured FeaturesYou can add texture to your living areas with weathered wood, exposed brickwork, and distressed features. These elements have a rustic appeal that speaks of the unhurried pace of farm life.If you can’t do a natural brick wall, try wallpaper that imitates this look, or use textured patterned wallpaper to create a similar effect.Rustic wood beams are the first prize for creating a farm-style aesthetic.Don’t Go OverboardFarm style interiors rely on moderation to succeed. After all, the rustic way of life’s simplistic, natural, and lacking in frills.All wood furniture or excessive decor items are a death blow to farm style interiors.Instead, start off with a few elements and ease into the style. Question the usefulness of each piece of furniture or decor before implementing it.It’s all in the details. A single well-placed element works far better than an abundance of old-style ones.Things to Avoid in Farmhouse DesignSome things have seen their moment in the sun when it comes to farmhouse design.Avoid mason jars, they’re overused in farm-style design. Instead, opt for classic pieces like enameled metal plates, iron kettles, and copper pots.Don’t use kitsch props like saxophones, tricycles, and similar elements. Rather opt for simple, functional, and practical elements.Vintage signage is another no-no unless it has a genuine connection to your home. Unique conversation starters are always better than mass-produced cutesy signs.Shabby chic has its limits. If an item is practically falling apart, it has no place in a well-designed modern home.Create Your Perfect PlaceNobody can deny the mass appeal of a farmhouse-style home. It’s so popular it’s resurfaced several times in recent years, despite falling out of favor several times.Now, you can choose from American farmhouse, country chic, modern farmhouse designs if you’re looking to join the farmhouse decor trend.If farmhouse style just isn’t your thing, we can help. Browse our blog for more about the best interior design tips.