How to Choose Cycling Gear


The most important piece of cycling equipment is without a doubt your bicycle. When you are budgeting for cycling, you need to leave the largest part of your budget for a good bicycle and bicycle components. You’ll need to make sure you maintain your bicycle and keep it operational. However, that is not the only expensive you’ll have; it’s just the primary one. You’ll also need to make sure you are investing in good cycling gear. Good cycling gear involves shirts and shorts, but you’ll also need to invest in smaller features that can make all the difference. For example, if you have a poor pair of socks, they might get soggy in your shoes throughout the course of your ride.

On a cold day, soggy socks can ruin your entire ride. On a warm day, they can create an environment perfect for chafing and cracking of your feet, which could make it difficult for you to ride your bicycle for weeks. You need to avoid all of that by investing in good accessories. Your shopping should begin with men’s cycling jerseys.

Picking Jerseys

Picking a jersey is fairly simple. You need to pick one that is made of moisture-wicking fabric, has flat seams, and looks good. Moisture-wicking fabric is important since that’s how you stay cool and dry while you’re working out. A moisture-wicking fabric draws moisture away from your body where it can evaporate faster, so as it evaporates, it cools you down. Such fabric also keeps you dry, which helps reduce the friction between your skin and your shirt. Once you’ve chosen a good jersey, you should pick out your shorts the same way.

Your shorts need to be moisture wicking and lightweight. They should be made of a quality material that also looks good. After that, you need to choose other accessories.

Arm and Leg Warmers

Sometimes, it can be difficult to dress appropriately for exercising in cold weather, which is especially true of cycling. As you cycle, you will heat up considerably; however, the cold weather and the speed of the wind will cause you to cool down very quickly. Such weather yields some very unexpected results for people. Learning how to dress for different temperatures is a matter of trial and error. For many people, you will need good leg and arm warmers. They’ll keep you warm where you need it, while still allowing full flexibility and breathability.


A hat is great since it helps wick sweat away from your face and head. It works like a headband to capture sweat before it drips into your eyes. Also, a hat protects your head and neck from sunburn. Sun damage is always a danger when you’re out riding your bicycle for long periods of time. Keeping yourself protected from the sun is important, and a hat is a reliable way to do that.

Choosing good cycling gear is about picking a good supplier and buying items as you need them. Learning what you need will take some trial and error.