How Can Printed Carrier Bags Aid Marketing


Printed carrier bags have become a topic of conversation in recent months as the UK government began to crack down on the amount of plastic in circulation, but with the 5p tax, it is now more important than ever to boost your branding in this way to capitalise on this marketing technique. In this article, we are going to look at how tailor-made printed carrier bags can help to aid marketing and increase footfall for your business in 2019.

Boost Marketing

There are several ways that a printed carrier bag can help aid in marketing, but the main reason is to boost the brand and get the name out there. This is due to people walking around with the bags and showcasing the branding to others they pass on the street. This is highly beneficial for the brand and can help to increase footfall particularly if the name is in full view. This is also beneficial for a business in the long term as a plastic bag is likely to be in circulation much longer than a billboard or poster.

Brand Identity

A carrier bag is also beneficial for the brand identity as this can house a logo as well as other important information to help perfectly encapsulate everything that the business stands for. This is beneficial for brand identity as this ensures you are maintaining a high level of positive marketing and a positive perception of the brand. This is therefore controlled by you and designed for your audiences giving complete control over how the brand is perceived and the ongoing reputation of the brand.

Cost Effective

In addition to boosting the perception of the brand, it is also far more cost effective than a traditional marketing campaign. This is beneficial for a business as this can save money on traditional marketing techniques such as flyers, billboards and other elements. This is a benefit to a start-up business as this is a cheap way to build recognition around a brand and start to build a following. Though this does take time to have the same effect as traditional media, this is ideal for a business with a small budget as they can be bought in bulk and stored.

Buying In Bulk

For a large business, buying printed personalised carrier bags in bulk is often a significantly cheaper option than a TV advertisement or other forms of traditional media. Because of this, many businesses design and purchase carrier bags that relate to a season such as Christmas or Halloween and store them. This is the perfect way to customise the experience your customers have, without spending money on new bags with every event. Having a printed bag with the branding, you are then personalising the experience allowing your customers to have a positive experience regardless of what they purchase from you.

With this in mind, opting for a printed carrier bag could be beneficial for a multitude of different reasons to help your business thrive no matter how big or small.