How Art Can Enhance Your Life


    To a layperson, the world of art can seem a very daunting world that is filled with history, pretentiousness, money, and ego. This tends to put a lot of people off exploring the world of art but the truth of the matter is that art should be for everyone. Indeed, everyone can benefit from viewing or even owning a piece of art.

    Art Is for Everyone

    While it may be perceived that the art world is just for the wealthy and the rich, the fact is that art exists all around us. The academic halls of art history may be filled with works of the great masters such as Da Vinci or the tempestuous story of art throughout the 20th century, including the Abstract Expressionists, but art itself belongs to no one. The story of art is the story of human creativity in the face of a difficult existence.

    How Art Improves Your Life

    Appreciation of any art should always be based on an understanding that art is for all of us. In this context, viewing and even owning a piece of art provides improves life in the following ways:

    • Feeling Good: Did you know that recent studies in brain science have actually confirmed that when we look at a great piece of art that we enjoy, we feel good because it is similar to falling in love? The brain actually releases a little bit of a chemical called dopamine into our bodies, which makes us feel good. In fact, this is the chemical that courses through our blood when we are actually falling in love! Who knew that art could have such an effect?
    • Atmosphere: Have you ever cleaned out the clutter in your home and felt good? Have you ever bought a new lounge suite and found that it adds to your home in a way that just makes you feel better? The truth is that good art can be this way too. You can buy from an art gallery in Melbourne, hang the painting in your home, and find that it has exactly the same effect.
    • Expression: When we collect art that we love, it is a profound and deeply personal expression of who we are. It speaks about our loves, desires, fears, regrets; who we think we are; and who we want to be. In this sense, art can also push us to discover more about ourselves and the universe. It can act as a lightning rod to a deeper knowledge about who we were, who we are, and who we want to be.

    Buying From a Gallery

    If you want to introduce more art into your life, the best idea may be to explore some of the private art galleries. Unlike public galleries, private galleries will usually have artworks for sale. The other benefit is that they can offer a more personal connection with the artist.

    Always remember that art is for everyone, no matter what it is. Collecting art is a deeply personal experience that can provide some fascinating insights.