Here’s how to shave with a Straight Razor

Here’s how to shave with a Straight Razor

No matter how experienced you are in shaving, the razor aisle can be an intimidating place. There are different options to choose from, ranging from safety razors to cartridge razors, but you have chosen to go for straight razors this time. Well, that’s a good choice! Shaving with a straight razor is like treating yourself with luxury.

The straight razor is powerful and intimidating. There’s something about the straight blade, that attracts and it should be the closest shave you will ever achieve. There’s a reason why professional barbers use these razors as their weapon of choice.

However, with all great things, it takes technique, patience, and preparation. If you are patient enough, and want to learn the process, and is confident to glide such a top-shelf blade, this blog is for you. Here we have shared a guide on how to shave with a straight razor to make it easier to get past the preliminary learning curve:

Equip yourself with the right Shaving Tools:

You will need a couple of tools to shave with a straight razor. While sometimes you can cut corners, we advise that you have it all at your disposal. If you choose to skip on a few things, it can sometimes lower the overall experience.

Anyways, you must already own the following:

  • Shaving Brush
  • Shaving Soap and a Bowl
  • Shaving Strop
  • Straight Razor

Now, a quick read through this guide will help prepare yourself for the basics in wet shaving.


Firstly, as with any shave, you must soften your skin and open the pores. Your skin should be adequately prepared to avoid serious burns. Ensure your skin and stubble is warm. A hot shower before shaving will also soften the hairs and allow for a smoother shave. Then apply pre-shave oil to soften hair further and provide added protection.

Once your skin is prepared well, apply the shaving cream using a quality shaving brush. Lather in a shaving bowl and then work the cream into your beard in a circular motion. Doing so will lift hair and produce a rich lather.

Shave with the DOVO straight razor:

Hold the blade in your right hand. While doing so, make sure to place your index, ring and middle finger on top, and thumb on the underside of the shank, and your little finger on the tang. The razor must look like a wide ‘V’ in your hand. Experts suggest holding the razor at a 30-degree angle from the face.

The trick is to pull the skin by stretching the neck or with your other hand. By applying gentle pressure, move the blade down the face, in a straight line, not sideways.


Check for missed patches, and sometime you will have to do a second pass. Remember to re-lather your face with shaving gel or cream, after a hot splash of water on the skin. Never take a stroke without cushioning your skin with shaving cream.


After shaving, tighten the open pores by splashing some cold water to your face. Apply moisturizer or post-shave cream to the skin and pat it in. Don’t massage, as rubbing can cause irritation.


Straight blade storage is a serious business. Clean it and wipe it with a soft cloth to remove any debris and moisture. Store the blade away from moisture.

Take Away:

Shaving with a straight razor can be extremely satisfying, not to mention its cost-effectiveness. Follow this guide to use your straight razor as a means to completely customize your shaving experience.