Fidget Spinners – Good for Concentration or Just a Distraction?


Fidget spinners are a very valuable tool in relieving stress and frustration. For some, heading to school or the office without one is next to impossible. The best thing about them is that they can be found inexpensive and easy to purchase. It’s possible to build one’s collection quickly and easily without too much hassle. Many people actually do this themselves and share and trade them with others in person or online. Some people even attempt to do tricks with them, although it is not clear if that is their main purpose. It’s easy to get a fidget spinner that comes in a multitude of shapes and designs which makes each one different from the others. Some are heavy and spin for a long time and others are lighter and don’t spin as long. Whichever type is better is strictly up to the user. Children are often the ones who benefit the most from these types of toys, especially those who have difficulty concentrating. The smooth spinning and whisper of the bearing is soothing to some. Some people are of the completely opposite

opinion. They believe that these spinner are nothing but a distraction and that they do not help people concentrate at all. The real answer comes down to the person themselves. Some people swear by using them whereas other swear against them. If you yourself are unsure if using a fidget spinner is right for you the best thing to do would be to try it. As stated previously they are cheap, easy to find, and come in a wide variety of cool shapes, patterns and sizes. If you find that they aren’t for you then you wouldn’t have wasted a lot of time or money in getting one your yourself. If you look at the history of fidget spinner they have actually been around for a quite a while, however they have just gotten popular recently. The reason for this is unclear, but it seems like everyone either has one or is trying to get one. Virtually all of them have a spot in the middle where you can spin it and some even have some other spots where you can spin it other than in the middle. Those that come in irregular and crazy shapes generally just have a spot in the middle generally do not have another spots to spin however there may be exceptions to this. So get out there and get your own cheap fidget spinner today.