E cigs for the chain smokers who like to smoke in style


Everyone wants to look stylish. People spend so much on their appearance, clothes, etc. For some people their personality matters the most. Thus, they like keeping the latest gadgets, cell phones, etc. Even their cigarettes are electronic.

Although Ecigs is a latest idea in the market, it is adopted by people at a very fast pace. In spite of the danger cigarette smoking has on the health, people smoke a lot of cigarettes. E cigarette works on the lines of a PV that is personal vaporiser. It contains an inhaler which works with the help of power. It vaporises the Eliquid and becomes Aerosol mist. This simulates the smoke of tobacco. E cigarette is like a conventional cigarette only. It looks a lot like the normal cigarette. The only difference is that e cigarette works with electricity unlike the normal one.

But there are a few disadvantages of Ecigs. These risks are related to health which is being studies upon by the researchers. But it has been found that the Eliquid is much more harmful than the conventional cigarette. It increases the risk of asthma, brain hemrege and cancer.

But even after knowing these negative points, the chain smokers love smoking the electronic cigarettes.

The electronic cigs can be bought online. The best is the starter kit of electronic cigarettes. There are three types of kits available online, original, premium 100 and premium. You can also find about smokers and the retailers of Blu cigarettes nearby you can keep up to five flavours of cartridges. You can also charge battery of the e cig.

No smoke of tobacco is exhaled by the flavoured cartridges. They don’t even leave any smell or ash. The vapour production works on a powerful mechanism. The level of nicotine can be adjusted according to the pattern of smoking. There is no content of propylene glycol in these cigarettes. The best electronic cigarettes which have juice flavours of the smoke are manufactured in US. The companies fabricate cigarettes with nicotine, vegetable glycerine, distilled water and original flavours. These cigarettes are hundred percent original and are sure to give you real pleasure.

Like every coin has two faces, electronic cig also has its own benefits as well as risks. Various health organisations, researchers, etc have conducted studies but they are limited as it has just been introduced. Various laws have also been made for the sale as well as use of an e cigarette and also the solution accompanying. But still there is a legislation pending and a debate ongoing on this topic.

You will find various types of electronic butts or ecigs online. You can also buy an electronic cigarette starter kit. You will find Original, Premium 100 and Premium type of kits. This kit has the capacity to hold up to five flavours of cartridges. The kit can charge the electronic cigarette battery anytime and anywhere. The online companies also offer special discounts on the prices of the products they offer. You can make use of special e cigarette discount codes offered by them. By using these discount codes, you can easily save a lot of money.