Different Patterns of Pearl Earrings that Can Blend with Any Pearl Necklace

Different Patterns of Pearl Earrings that Can Blend with Any Pearl Necklace

Pearl earrings are commonly worn at all places, but pearl necklace is worn on specific occasions. Small earrings are comfortable and easy to wear, and thus women prefer to wear it to office.

You need not always wear pearl necklace with evening gowns or for any royal or formal occasions. If they are combined with the right kind of earring, they can look stylish for any occasion. Here are some useful tips –

  • Drop earrings
  • Ear jacket
  • Geometric earrings
  • Studs
  • Double balls
  • Statement
  • Combined with gemstones and diamonds

Drop earrings

Drop pearl earrings similar to dangling earrings can be of pearl or any other gemstone. Mixing them with pearl necklace will give a fashionable look. It not only works for formal business events, but works fine with dinner parties as well.

Ear jacket

Not just any ear jacket earring, but a pearl studded earring with an interesting shape that will attract attention, will get you many compliments.

Geometric earrings

Geometric designs are a lot in demand. It looks funky and also is a perfect combination for casual events where you can wear jeans and casual top. Pairing it with pearl necklace will add grace to it.


Studs are commonly combined with pearl single strand necklace to make it a perfect match. Pearl studs are the best accessory for offices.

Double balls

As the word suggests, two pearl balls make a beautiful piece. A small pearl is attached to the ears while the larger pearl ball hangs at the bottom of the earring. Pairing it with pearl strand gives it a rock and roll look.


Statement pearl earrings are bigger in size and are prefect for night parties. However, with large earring, the necklace should always be simple. You can also go with thin metallic chain with a pearl drop at the end of it.

Combined with gemstones and diamonds

Diamonds are the best companion of pearls as they both blend with each other perfectly. Irrespective of the skin tone, diamonds are close to ladies’ heart therefore, if you’re wearing a pearl earring with diamonds studded on it, and then go for plain short pearl necklace that’ll not overshadow the sparkling diamonds. Gems are also nowadays, being paired with pearls that they aren’t the same boring pearl, but are a mixture of colourful stones that can take any shape after customizing. These colourful stones are perfect with any necklace as long as earrings match with the shade of your attire.

The best way to not get confused is by buying a matching set. This way, whenever you wear your accessory, you wouldn’t have to go for brainstorming.