Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument


    Music is a beautiful and revered form of art. The name is traditionally derived from the Greek word “muse,” which means “art of the muses.” Muses were the goddesses who inspired the ancient Greeks in the areas of poetry, music, and literature.

    Music before the Dawn of Time

    Music has been performed by humans in all civilisations for as long we remember. While it is not certain when the very first musical instrument was invented, most historians agree that the first instruments were crafted from animal bones at least 37,000 years ago.

    Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument

    Confucius said, “Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” Learning to play a musical instrument brings a myriad of joyous benefits and skills to you personally and to those around you.

    Research has proven that playing and listening to music both increases your memory and stimulates your brain as well as provides an array of other skill training benefits. The best part is that it’s never too late to learn or find Sherborne musical instruments!

    Here’s how learning a musical instrument can benefit you:

    • Increases your capacity of memory
    • Refines organisational and time management skills
    • Boosts your teamwork skills
    • Enhances your perseverance and coordination
    • Raises your mathematical ability
    • Improves comprehension and reading skills
    • Increases responsibility
    • Exposes you to cultural history
    • Relieves stress and fosters self-expression
    • Sharpens concentration skills
    • Promotes sense of achievement and social skills
    • Enhances listening skills and teaches discipline
    • Reduces fear of stages and elevates performance skills
    • Promotes personal happiness and happiness in those around you