A Unique Shopping Experience In The Markets Of Dubai


Dubai, the magical land in the deserts of the Middle East, is known for a variety of reasons. As a city of skyscrapers, for a fast paced flashy lifestyle and for its shopping scenario. Here’s a look into the most amazing shopping regions in Dubai, guaranteed to give you a great time and a unique experience.

There’s a specific cause why travelers come from a different corners and to shop in Dubai. Firstly, the shops are plentiful, the costs are cheap and there’s an never-ending array to select from. Dubai’s got a recognition as one of the biggest shopping hubs offering unique shopping experience from souk markets selling gold to big spice markets that is guaranteed to provide you with the city’s roots and traditions. For Indian tourists, going on a trip to Dubai is like having a ball, with unheard marketplaces and great things to uncover. There are several Delhi to Dubai flights that you can take to reach the destinations. Let’s take a look at some of the marketplaces in Dubai offering a unique experience.

The Only – This UAE originated retail chain appears as a unique marketplace known for incredible collection of furniture, home decor products, luxurious candles, historical lamp and some amazing cushions. Located at the iconic Jumeirah beach road, you can hear about the graceful vibe of the marketplace even at the swankiest of malls.

Karama – Strolling around the Karama fish market will likely bring you face to face with the loud noise of street sellers howling prominent brand names and selling them at nominal rates. There are stores rammed with bogus items and replicas of brands like Gucci and Prada. Looking exactly the same you can pick one of these items and probably brag around as there aren’t any glitches and even a seasoned shopper cannot make out the difference. The range of replica good ranges from bags, shoes, CDs, clothes and every other item you can think of.

Hard Courses – Located in the Satwa district in Dubai, this market is filled with the best goods from the entirety shops. Here you can find some of the best first rate products, meaning without any added taxes. And the best part about it is that the market is known for promoting brands and shops offering first-rate products. You can find several craftsmen working on their products like toys, dresses with makeshift art galleries along the avenues.

Antique Museum – This vintage place is not a museum unlike its name, but more like a mazed alley filled with some exceptional exported items from all over the world. You can find everything from vintage goods to African masks. There are also few warehouses selling items at below half the rate.

Though the majority of the shopping areas have moved from a avenues and alleys to multi storied, air-conditioned swanky malls, these shopping havens are tucked within the concrete jungles of rising Dubai. So, what are you waiting for? Tickle your shopping adventurism with some of the most treasured souvenirs and items from these hidden wonders!