A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words but a Wedding Photo Is Worth Much More


Your wedding day is something that you will want to remember for the rest of your life but in reality, the day is actually pretty hectic and non-stop. Of course you will remember the feeling you got when you said “I do” and how you felt walking in to the room as a couple for the first time; beyond that, it is nice to have pictures to jog your memory of the little things. Being able to look back on your special day is something that you will cherish for life.

Come Prepared with Poses

Even if you find expert engagement shoots in Lancashire, you’ll want to be prepared with some poses so that you don’t feel as if you’ve missed out on any opportunity. Your engagement photos are the precursor to your big day and probably some of the best professional shots you’ll have as a couple. Here are some great posing options to suggest:

  • A candid stroll shot
  • Sitting in the grass
  • Subtle ring shots
  • Big smiles
  • More casual ideas

You want to have lots of options so that no matter what, you leave the photo shoot happy.

Choosing a Photographer for the Big Day

You want to make sure that your wedding photographer knows the shots that are important to you. Be sure to tell him or her you want a picture of cutting the cake or the first step down the aisle. Being specific will ensure that you get what you want most. Finding an experienced photographer is also great because you can look at all of his or her previous work to make sure that it fits what you are looking for.

So make sure to capture the moments that mean most on the days leading up to and the actual moment of your big day.