A Guide To Choosing Get-Well Flowers For A Friend In Hospital

Flowers For Friend In Hospital

Sending flowers to your loved ones when they are hospitalized is one great way of turning their dull day into a bright one. Floral gifts are a gesture of care and love and can work magic into speeding the recovery of the loved one. That means the flowers you choose must be beautiful and safe. They make patients happy and feel loved. If you have a loved one at the hospital, getting some for them from Panda Flowers Calgary can be a nice gesture. However, not all flowers are safe for a sick person. So, here are crucial things you must know before buying that large bouquet for a hospitalized loved one.

1. Check with the Hospital

The reason why this is the first point is that not all hospitals accept flowers for their patients, especially those in ICU. Therefore, confirm if the hospital accepts flowers and the kind of flowers accepted there. Most hospitals do not allow flowers to prevent the spread of allergies.

2. Consider Allergy-Free Flowers

Talking of allergies, your patient may be in a critical condition such that a simple flower allergy could affect them. If not, the staff of other visitors could be allergic. Therefore, look for allergy-free flowers like roses and carnations. These flowers are considered the best because their pollen is not exposed. Therefore, they do not cause allergies.

3. Buy Flowers with Woody Stems

It will also be great if you choose woody-stemmed flowers. These flowers are easy to keep in a vase and do not get soggy when watered. This eliminates the need to keep changing the water in the vase. Flowers with woody stems are also likely to stay a bit longer compared to those without the stems.

4. Check for Bugs

Flowers attract all types of bugs and insects. Therefore, when buying your flowers, inspect them for bugs and insects. These insects may spread, and some of them are dangerous. So, before taking the bouquet to the hospital, make sure you thoroughly rinse the flowers.

5. Get a Strong Vase

Make sure you also bring a vase with the flower. It will be crucial for holding the bunch together. The vase needs to be strong and that means avoiding those made from glass or ceramic. Such can easily break if they fall off the table, especially if there are a lot of visitors going in and out of the room. Instead, buy a vase made from metal or plastic. These materials cannot break easily. You should also make sure the vase is small enough not to occupy the entire available space.

6. Don’t Buy Too Many

It is advisable not to buy too many flowers. Buy at a minimum to ensure there is enough space to keep them. Furthermore, a small bunch eliminates the hassle of cleaning after the flowers die. You can always bring another bunch when you visit. So, get a bunch that will not get in the way of the staff.


Getting flowers for your hospitalized loved one is a good way of brightening their day. However, you need to bring the right ones to keep the mood. Use the points mentioned above to ensure you do not do more harm than good.