A Bespoke Diamond Ring Is an Expression of the Heart


    No one can deny the impact of a diamond. That is why diamonds, as they say, are a girl’s best friend. When a diamond or diamonds are displayed in a customised piece of jewellery, the jewellery takes on a whole new meaning.

    Whilst the idea of a bespoke engagement ring is equated with a large amount of money, the value will actually vary depending on the methods and materials used in the design. When speaking to London jewellers, you need to keep in mind that quality and colour are both important. Whether you are incorporating a diamond or sapphire into a ring’s setting, the colour should be of the best quality, per your budget and requirements.

    Creating a Bespoke Design

    Some of the following tips can assist you in creating a bespoke design:

    • Avoid choosing softer or fragile gems as they wear more easily.
    • Make sure that the engagement ring features quality precious metals including platinum, 18-carat gold, or both. Whilst both metals are attractive, platinum features more of a high polish.
    • Choose a ring that defines your fiancée’s personal style whether you choose a more contemporary ring or one that is traditional.

    Types of Cuts

    Work with a jeweller who is well-experienced in the industry. The jeweller you choose should offer a wide range of diamonds, which may be represented by the following:

    • Brilliant cuts
    • Old cuts
    • Rose cuts
    • Eight cuts

    All these cuts should be available in a full line of sizes and shapes, all of which are noted by different levels of colour and clarity. Use the services of a jeweller who can provide wholesale diamonds at the very best prices online.