5 Reasons Why Shopping In-Store Beats Buying Online


Online shopping has hit the ground running in Malaysia, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on shopping in-store any time soon. We all know how convenient online shopping can be, but we sometimes forget how enjoyable it can be to physically go into a store and buy a new product. These 5 reasons explain why shopping in-store is still better than the online experience.

  1. Try Before You Buy

One of the main advantages in-store shopping has over online shopping is that you get to try the products before you buy them. For instance, if you plan on buying a new sofa from your neighbourhood mall in Malaysia, you get the chance to walk around the store and select an item in person. You can sit on the sofa and determine whether it is comfortable enough to relax on while watching TV, you cannot do this when shopping online.

  1. Defective Goods

It is not uncommon to receive defective goods when shopping online, you don’t have the opportunity to test products before you buy, so you sometimes end up with substandard items which are useless when it comes to working on your intended task. Although you can return goods online, you usually have to wait for weeks to receive a refund or replacement product.

  1. Not Waiting for Delivery

Most shoppers want their goods now, not in a few days or a few weeks. When they visit a shopping mall, they can walk out with their products in hand without having to wait for an online store to deliver them. The immediate gratification of buying goods in-store cannot be matched by online shopping.

  1. Return Items More Easily

A lot of surveys suggest that consumers prefer to buy in-store because they can easily return unwanted or faulty items quicker and more conveniently that online shopping. This is one of the primary reasons why customers like to shop in brick and mortar buildings as opposed to internet stores.

  1. In-Store Experience

Shopping online can be fun, but nothing beats strolling around the mall with your friends and trying on new outfits for an upcoming party or event. In-store shopping isn’t just about buying goods, there is a social aspect to it. Friends and family get to enjoy each other’s company while they make their way from store to store. Even when shopping alone, you still get to interact with staff members, allowing you to get their opinion on certain items of clothing or new tech.

Although online shopping has become popular, having the ability to feel, touch and see items is what makes in-store shopping so appealing. One of the main reasons why so many consumers still prefer to purchase goods in-store is because they have the chance to see and try out new products before they decide to buy them. Consumers also get the chance to leave with their items as opposed to waiting days for delivery.