5 advantages of using pawnbrokers to borrow money


Are you struggling to get a loan from banks or financial institutions? Are you in need of urgent cash? If yes, rather than doing the rounds of the banks or financial institutions, if you hold gold items of value the right option for you would be to approach a pawnbroker who specialises in gold loans. A gold pawnbroker such as Brisbane Gold Company would offer you a loan against suitable gold items instantly after valuating their value. We have been offering gold loans to our clients against their gold possessions for a number of years now. There are many misconceptions revolving around pawnbrokers/gold lenders. We would today help you clear out some of these misconceptions and explain why borrowing money from a gold pawnbroker is advantageous for you.

1. Easy application process:

Unlike the banks as well as financial institutions, we do not have a cumbersome application process. You can approach us directly through our shop located in Annerley Brisbane and we would evaluate the value of your gold possessions. After the testing process is complete our staff will let you know the amount of money which you would be able to borrow. As no credit check is done we simply hold onto your gold items as collateral. You do not have to jump through the hoops in order to complete the application process. Neither, you have to wait weeks in order to know the status of your application. Staff are present in the store during business hours with free parking at our shop.

2. Favourable repayment terms:

Most of the banks, as well as financial institutions, have very stringent repayment terms. Even if you’re late by a day or two, they charge heavy penalties. Moreover, your credit score also gets impacted in such a case. On the other hand, Brisbane Gold Company make it easier for you to pay back your loans. We work with our customers to keep payments on time and assist where we can for you to redeem your loan. We would rather keep a happy paying customer then sell your items.

3. Faster processing:

Brisbane Gold Company are able to conduct an evaluation of the gold items on the spot to keep as collateral. Once the evaluation is complete and the terms and conditions are discussed, the documents would be signed and you will be paid instantly by your chosen payment method. This ensures that if you are in urgent need of cash, you do not have to wait weeks for a bank to assess your income in order to get the cash.

4. Short-term tenure loans:

Rather than prolonging the smaller loans over a longer period of time, Brisbane Gold Company can provide you with short-term loans as short as 1 week. Most common is 1 month with the option to roll is over if need be. Brisbane Gold Company also offer discounts for longer term loans such as 4 to 6 months. This ensures that you are able to repay those loans quite easily and save on interest.

5. No need to sell your possessions:

Dealing with Brisbane Gold Company you would only be putting up the gold items as collateral. Once you pay back the entire loan, you would be able to get your possessions back. That is why, instead of selling possessions, we only have to only keep them as collateral in safe secure vault. Also, as long as you’re paying your monthly payments according to terms, Brisbane Gold Company would not be selling your possessions. Thus, after the loan ends, you would be able to get your gold items back quite easily.

So, instead of just grappling with the various requirements of banks as well as financial institutions in order to get a loan, it is a much better idea to approach a pawnbroker such as Brisbane Gold Company, it would not only make the entire application process stress free for you but would also provide you with short-term loans as per your requirements.