3 Ideas on Bridesmaid Dresses That Totally Nail the Mismatched Style


Are you sick and tired of the age-old tradition of bridesmaids wearing the same dress in a wedding? Then, it is time you break stereotypes and do something unconventional. Weddings have been undergoing a tremendous experimentation in the last few decades. Right from the venue, décor, theme to the food and entertainment, everything has come far away from what was the tradition. And in fact, even the bridal gown has come a long way from the traditional bridal couture. So, if you want your bridesmaids to do something different at your wedding, you should absolutely go for it.

So, what can you do that will draw attention to your bridesmaids and give your wedding a unique element? You can choose to go with the mismatched style for your bridesmaids. Your girlies no longer have to wear the same dress; they can pick different styles or colors. But at the same time, you should make sure there is a cohesive factor amidst the bridesmaids and they should not get mixed with the other guests attending your wedding. Therefore, adopting the mismatched trend will not be very easy.

Therefore, to make your task easier, we have gathered 3 ideas on bridesmaid dresses that totally nail the mismatched style. Take a look.

  1. Lace Bodice in the Same Color

The idea of a mismatched style is to bring out the individuality and personal sense of styles of all the bridesmaids and yet bind them in some sort of cohesion. Keeping this mind, you can choose a color of your choice like navy blue, ivory, rose-gold, or lemon yellow and pick same colored A-line dresses for everyone. The only difference would be in the bodice. Choose different necklines like the halter style, boat-neck, and off-shoulder necklines for the bodice of each girl but make sure every bodice is adorned with lacework. So, while the lace detailing and the color of the dress remain same, adding the perfect cohesive factor, the different necklines add a refreshing and individual factor to the look of the bridesmaids.

  1. Variety of Hues in Various Styles

A single color family has a variety of hues. For example, the purple family includes lilac, lavender, eggplant, violet, amethyst, and so on. Or if you see the yellow color, you can find various shades of the same color like lemon, mustard, fluorescent, cream, ochre, or amber etc. When you are planning the mismatched look of your bridesmaids, you can also select different hues of the same color family and adorn them in various styles. For instance, if you choose to go with the green color, you can create 3 different looks. Firstly, go for a mint green one-shoulder chiffon dress. Next, choose an off-shoulder sweetheart neckline in an emerald green color dress. And lastly, choose a bottle green spaghetti strap, straight neckline dress. These dresses have cohesion in the fabric and the color family they belong to and at the same time have varied cuts which grant them the appealing factor.

  1. Different Shades of Shimmer and Shine

Are you obsessed with the metallic trend? Well, being the bride, you cannot wear the metallic color in its true sense but your bridesmaids can definitely sport this trend with panache. Choosing a single metallic shade can be difficult because there are so many choices before you, starting with gold, silver, to ivory or rose-gold. Nowadays, you also get metallic greens and blacks. But you don’t have to pin down on a single metallic hue. Just assign a color each to your gorgeous girl gang and let them flaunt a metallic shade on their own. While there is a variety in the colors of these sequins, you must bring a binding factor that ties you all together as the bridesmaids. So, go with a single style for all the dresses. It can be sleeveless v-neck, boat-neck, or strapless sweetheart or off-shoulder. Keep the style of the dress and the metallic theme constant but change the colors of the sequins in order to complete the look of your bridesmaids.

So, these were some brilliant choices in the mismatched bridesmaid dresses. Take these down and grab some of these exquisite dresses now.

Author Bio: Melissa Jones, a fashion blogger, here writes on 3 ideas on mismatched bridesmaid dresses that will bring out the individual style of your bridesmaids and at the same time, give them a cohesive look.